What's on Your List?

I always do Larry's Christmas shopping online...most of the time so he doesn't know what I got him and I tell him not to look at the credit card statement until AFTER Christmas. Let me back up the train. Day after Thanksgiving we always buy ourselves what we're giving each other for Christmas then we'll buy stuff for each other later on that we can surprise each other with. But this year he wanted UNC stuff and I can't really get that here since this is dominiant Redskins country. So I've asked my mom to do some of the shopping for me -espcially since we're only driving one car.. it's kind of hard to get away while he's at work on Thursdays and Fridays!

So my one thing I ordered online was this:

A UNC cover for his Ipod touch. He's had his forever but has never gotten a cover for it so here it is. It all really started out with me looking for one for myself... I wanted something like this...

Show me the bling! I LOVE this!

Something else I wanted to surprise him with was an Ipad. When we were in Florida my brother in law had one and we really liked it but since I'm not 100% sure which one he wants, I thought maybe he could just pick it out himself if he decides for sure he wants one!

Only 11 days until Christmas and I'm READY!


Ashley said...

Lovin that bling!;)