Small Things...

For the past two weeks I've made my prayer more specific on our townhouse. I've prayed that the Lord would give us some type of word on what's going on in the whole process and last week we heard something. Then this past Monday I prayed that we would get an ANSWER. Well! No answer yet but Monday afternoon we did find out the Bank of America is the one that has financed the house. That's bad. Our realtor told us that if it's any other bank then we would hear something pretty quick but if it's B of A, it could take months. Hmmm, I think maybe the Lord is trying to teach us patience... but I haven't prayed for patience! Well, so they actually have it going through some type of Equator system that's supposed to make Short Sales go quickly... so hopefully it will!
But we did still hear something! It's def in the works and they just needed more info from us so that's still encouraging and if that's how the Lord answer's my prayer this week, then GREAT! Thank you Lord!
We're supposed to be getting snow this week on several different days. Tomorrow they're calling for around 2-4 inches. Too bad I'm already off of work. Since I'm working in the school, I get ALL snow days this year and I was looking forward to getting my "first" snow day!
Our Cantata is this weekend. I think I'm ready. I don't have many parts this year so that's a good thing :)
I'm SOOOOOOO ready for Christmas! I'm getting two new pairs of boots and I'm ready to wear them like NOW!!!!!!


Kimberly said...

I like your Christmas header! :)

Kara Wright said...

Hey! Thanks :)