Snow, Ground Breaking & Class Party...

My Snow Bunnies!

This weekend has already been busy and it ain't Saturday yet! Yesterday I was already off of work but Larry got off work at 11. We were going to make a hospital visit but the traffic was horrible because everybody freaking out about the snow! So we went to the ground breaking for the property that the church and the townhouses are being built on then headed over to Red Robin with friends of ours. No joke, we hung out for 4 hours with them. It was fun though :)

This was at the ground breaking... I had other pictures but Larry took the other ones off to send to somebody. I guess mine wasn't important enough :) I just sat in the truck the whole time... it was snowing and freezing!

And here's some from our class party. I didn't get everyone but most people!

Tonight was our class Christmas party at Famous Dave's and we had a GREAT time! We really enjoyed spending time and getting to know couples in our class better! We started our class several months ago and each couple is such a blessing to us.

Tomorrow night we have another party at our friends' house with a bunch of people from church.... I think I've already gained my holiday pounds :)


Ashley said...

Awww the snow looks like so much fun! Y'all get to have a real white Christmas!