Another Snow Day!

Poor thing needs a hair cut SOOOO bad!

We have another snow day today! Yay! I'm really glad we have another one since Larry's here for this one. The last one, he was in Guyana! So they are calling for anywhere from 6-8 inches of snow late this afternoon. The ice started in the middle of the night last night. So we woke up to sleet and covered roads and sidewalks The best part about this snow day, I'm done with my work week. I had Monday off, worked yesterday and off today, so I'm done. Can't complain about a one day work week! Oh yea and my house is STILL spotless from last week... such a nice feeling!

We have just been lying around catching up on all our shows Larry missed while he was gone. We do have church tonight so we'll leave a little early to go shovel snow (Larry and other guys that is:) He brought back some coffee from Guyana so we've been sipping a little bit of that too!

Enjoy your day, we DEFINITELY will!


Laura Drewry said...

Hey there! Yay, for another snow day!! :) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog..:) Girl, I love some cupcakes too..could'nt you just take a big bite out of that yummy looking thing!! haha
Btw, I love the new look on your blog! I am in love with little hoot owls!! They are the cutest! In fact that was the theme of my little ones birthday party! :)
Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for your comment and for being a new follower! I love the blogging world and meeting new precious folks like yourself!! Talk to you soon!! Have a great weeknd!! :)