HE's Back :)

My man is back! They got back last night around 8 pm. We had planned on going to grab a bit to eat but he was so tired, we just went home. So today for lunch we went out. They had a awesome trip and hopefully I'll be able to share some pictures when I can download them on my computer.

Here's just a couple of the goodies he brought back for me. A necklace and bracelet...

And this GINORMOUS real leather purse from Guyana. He knows I like big purses and bags... he did good! I'm glad to have him home. I slept A LOT better last night than I did all week. It's funny how your mind just knows when you're safe-I didn't wake up once last night!

Welcome home my sweet Larry!


Ashley said...

I bet you are sooo glad he's home! LOVE the bag!

The Life We Love said...

New reader here. Your page is adorable. So happy you MAN is back! looking forward to reading more.