Ice Day!

I didn't expect this AT ALL! But we got some snow/ice last night that lasted longer than they expected and seriously, it's SO slippery out there. So they canceled school! What a nice surprise!!! It seems that every year when Larry's gone on a missions trip that we have one. So my plans are to clean clean clean this house!!! I had decided last night to do it on Friday since I wasn't working but I'll go ahead and get it out of the way today.

Yesterday my friends, Jaime & Samantha and I went up to Maryland to their HUGE mall. We were in there 5 hours!!! I brought my camera but totally forgot to take pictures. We had such a nice time... found some good deals too :)

Sitting here eating my peanut butter and banana, watching Good Morning America and waiting on Regis & Kelly. Then it's off to cleaning I go... ugh!

I'll come back later with a picture of SOMETHING around here... if I can find something interesting!