And she doesn't even notice they're there... I'm thinking she could be the next "Miss America Doggy"

So I realize I haven't blogged in quite some time! Why? No specific reason... I've just been taking some time off. Here's what's been going on:

As of a few days after Christmas I've been a health nut... right now I'm addicted to bananas and peanut butter, frozen grapes and oranges. I haven't had anything sweet (meaning desserts) since we got back from Christmas in NC.... wow, it seems A LOT longer than that. But it's def helping me eat better...way better.

On Friday Larry left for his missions trip to Guyana. I don't go on these because they're construction missions trips and it's a bunch of guys building stuff and pouring concrete. Ain't my thing. He'll be there for 8 days, coming back Saturday. I miss him but glad he's there. We weren't sure about internet down there... or over there.. or wherever. But tonight we got to skype for about 45 minutes! My brother, Kenneth also got to go. Here they are via skype!

Last year when Larry was gone I deep cleaned my house. I had the same intentions for this year but goodness, I just can't seem to get going.. all I want to do is lay around and watch TV. I mean I haven't even changed my blog template from Christmas yet .... pathetic. I'm missing that "Umph" in me! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME??? I think I'm just SOOO tired of being cold and the only place I'm warm is in bed. I literally freeze ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!

We continue to get "updates" on our townhouse... the update is we're still in the "hurry up and wait mode" so not much going on there.... we're thinking it could take up to at least one more month-that would make it 90 days.

Am I excited?? Ummm, well, not sure LOL. We've thought about it since we signed the contract that by time this one could go through, we could probably have this one paid down enough by the summer time to sale and break even.... HMMMM very tempting. But we trust the Lord's guidance in this.

Tomorrow I have the day off and going to hang out with my girlfriends... I love girl's day out!


Ashley said...

Your dog has to be the Cutest dog ever!!! ;)