Pictureless Post...

I hate posts with no pictures but considering I haven't taken any pictures here lately, that's what I got :)
So it was back to work today after having 4 days off last week... that was soooo nice. The fact that my house was clean and I could just sit back and relax. We went out with friends Jeremy & Melody on Friday looking at model houses. They wanted to go so we met up for breakfast then went out to a few houses.
The great thing is, they're calling for a SIGNIFICANT amount of ice tonight through Wednesday... hmmm I wonder if we're going to have another snow/ice day(s)????? I wouldn't complain at all :)
We haven't gotten an update recently on the house... still in the waiting process but we just thank the Lord for His continous answers to prayer we see every day. God is so good to us :)
Well, happy Monday!