New Addiction?

One of the things Larry brought back from Guyana was coffee. We made this amazing discovery last year when he went to Papua New Guinea that foreign coffee is just waaaaaay better! So this year I had some from Guyana... ok originally it was from Brazil but it was still good!

I never drink coffee for one reason: I don't want it turning my teeth. Some people are really disciplined about brushing their teeth afterwards and I'm not. But I'll drink it since it's special ;)

And I just LOVE my mug I got from Cupcake Heaven a couple of weeks ago. It's one of the stores that sells my flowers-for some reason I just like the ceramic better, they're just cuter :)

I have to brag on my Dad. When we were there at Christmas it was time for him to get another computer. One of the companies he teaches at provides him a computer every couple of years and I also benefited from that-he gave me his old one which if you know my dad, anything he owns, is always in PERFECT condition. He only used this one for teaching... thank you Daddy! I LOVE it and have put it to goooooood use! I didn't realize the condition of my old one till I got this one :)

And I finally settled on a case for my Ipod touch... only to realize that once I got it home, a jewel was missing from it. So I think I'll get some silver glittered puff paint and fill in the hole-don't you think that'll fix it? I'm crazy about it tho. I bought it when I went with Jaime and Samantha to the Maryland mall... maybe I need to go back and exchange it LOL!

This is one hairy mug :)


Ashley said...

Your makeup looks flawless girlie! And I'm a huge coffee fan too ;)

Mouse Moments said...

Definitely think we need to take it back and exchange it. :) I also think we should maybe glance in a couple of stores and then find some cupcakes! I'll just have to be really nice to Larry for a little while so he'll let you spend time around me. ;)