You Ready to Eat?

I gotta admit, my dogs get as excited as I do when it's time to eat. They LOVE their food. I've never seen 2 dogs get so excited when it's time to E.A.T. No kidding, just like ya'll have to spell out some words so your kids don't know what you're saying when you're talking to each other... yea we have to do that when Larry's telling me to pour their food while they're out on their walk. So I thought it would be fun to show you a little clip of how nutty they get when they get to chow down. The funniest part is to watch the little monster follow Sedona around biting her leg...

And that's why we have a BLAST with our dogs. They're just crazy fun!

So we still have a good amount of snow on the ground from our "blizzard" from last week. I think we got around 8-10 inches-it was a heavy snow. So I continue to wear my snow boots whenever we are out a lot. I have found that the snow totally destroys my good boots and I'm constantly have to replace them year after year.

Soooooo! Today we went to the Apple store and Larry got an Ipad :) We REALLY REALLY like it. It's so fun! Oh my word Love. It. !

I really like playing "Angry Birds" on it.

Happy Friday! Off to watch me some Bones :)