Happy Valentines Day :)

I just love this day! It's a day to reflect on our gooshy mooshy love we have for our husbands! We don't have big plans tonight... we kinda just want to get "carry out" from Cheesecake Factory and go home and watch TV. Is that bad? LOL!

I kept meaning to update on what I did with my hair :( Ooops! So I only got a "trim"-maybe half an inch but he put shorter layers in it and I do like that. I'm glad I didn't cut it-THANK YOU to all of those who gave me advice-you were right!

My mom said I'll cut it short when I have kids and I told her that won't happen. There are two things that won't happen in the Wright household when we have kids:

#1-cut my hair short

#2-buy a mini van

Larry isn't big on short hair and that's why if I were going to cut it, it would have only been 4 inches. BUT I JUST COULDN'T DO IT! And the mini van thing... well, we sold our car this past weekend :) and we're just trying to decide on what to do next. It all depends on a couple of things with the townhouse etc. We are not in ANY hurry to get something else since we both work together and go EVERYWHERE (except to get my hair done LOL) together BUT when I met Larry, he told me that was one thing he will NEVER buy is a mini van. Nothing against anyone who does-I have family that has them, but he's the SUV type. So that's what we are looking at for the next car but it's all still up in the air. Yes and I told him that mini vans were MORE convenient-he won't have anything to do with it.

Hmmm, I wonder if he'll ever change his mind?

So HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Larry took a picture of me one more time with my car so I'll post that tonight along with our Valentine's pictures.


The Wagner Family said...

We have an Excursion for sale! hee hee

And my hair has only been short twice in 15 years of marriage and neither time because of kids.

Ashley said...

Never say never... Cause then it will end up happening lol! Glad you kept the hair long but it would have looked cute either way ;)