No WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my last picture with my car :( Bye Bye Gracie!

So!!!!!!!!!! For Valentines Day-my gift was given to me in 4 different envelopes....

Envelope #1-Let me explain this. Since after Christmas, I have set for one of my New Year's resolutions to not have ANY dessert.. and I haven't in almost two months! Well, he gave me this and I'll explain why I will use this later!

Envelope #2

Envelope #3-right about this one, I KNEW what it was going to be!!!!!!!!!!!

Envelope #4!!!

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tickets to see Regis & Kelly LIVE!!!!! We are waiting for the tickets to come in and we are going with two other couples whom we're good friends with !!!! CRAZY!!!!!! NO way!!!!!!!!!! I went NUTS!! Oh my word, what am I going to wear??! So the dessert was for this cake place that's in NY that our friends like and have brought back pieces of cake for me and I'll finally get to go myself!

Last time I was in NY I was a senior in high school and I didn't give a rip about anything there..... I am SOOOOOOOOO excited I get to go with my husband this time!

And this is what I got Larry :) A Skagan watch!

Happy Valentines Day! Off to watch our movie!


The Wagner Family said...

That is AWESOME! How fun! I love Kelly - not a big fan of Regis. Can't wait to hear all about it. Have fun!!

Ashley said...

Oh my Oh my Oh my!!!! That is so exciting!!!! You ate going to have tons of fun!