1st Trimester-DONE! & Room Colors...

Wow! I can't believe today I'm 14 weeks and I'm already through my first trimester!!! In just 5 short weeks we should know what we're having if the baby wants to show off! Each time I've been to the doctor the hearbeat has been 160 & 176... so maybe it's a girl?? Who knows!

I am amazed that they can already tell by this time what it is.

My next appointment is Friday, May 6th. I'm going to see if Larry wants to go and maybe she'll do another sonogram :)

My morning sickness has been gone now for 5 days! I haven't taken my meds in over a week!! I'm feeling the most normal I have felt since before I was preggo. I'm sooo thankful for that.

I have decided on the bedding if it's a girl-for the boy I know the colors I want but I just can't find the perfect pattern yet. I'm having the bedding made at modpeapod.com.

So here's a picture of what it will KIND OF look like. The furniture will be black. The bumpers will be the black and white print all the way around-no pink in it. It will have the pink ribbons and the sheet will be solid pink. I'm not buying the blanket-I just don't think I'll use it.

I'm wanting to make the rooms more for a small child than a baby so I won't get tired of it so easily :) I tend to do that with bedroom decor anyways!

These are the colors for the boy but not the pattern!

This is an "idea" of what I'm sort of looking at and the furniture will be in cherry...

I'm more likely to change my mind on the boys room than the girls. I pretty much have EVERYTHING planned out for the girls. I want to be sure the boys room isn't too "baby"... for Larry's sake :)


The Wagner Family said...

Oh my word! I love them both! Can you just have boy and girl twins and split the room down the middle? I can't wait to hear which one you get to pick!

Ashley said...

I LOVE both rooms! If I ever have another girl I am so doing pink and black! And I think the boy choice is perfect. Its not to "baby" but its also not firetrucks and baseballs lol!

kayla hammaker said...

did we miss your story on how you told your family/parents?!?!