Busy 2 Days!

Our bedroom furniture came in!

So all day yesterday I cleaned out our old drawers, moved the chester drawers and old night stands down stairs to the kitchen and vacuumed every inch of our room-walls and all. Larry was working until 4:30 and we were having the carpet stretched at 5:00 so I picked everything up then went shopping for room decor.

I had to stick SOMETHING on it so I pulled this little tree out of it's box and stuck it on there-it needs a little fluffing!

This is my nightstand but since we have a small room and a king size bed, both didn't fit on each side, so we stuck it in a different spot.

We're not hanging anything on the walls yet in case we end up getting the other house but I'm dying to start REALLY decorating SOME bedroom whether it's this one or the other one!

We were able to fit everything in our room except the chester drawers so they are currently downstairs and just waiting to find what to do.

I had a GREAT shopping day yesterday with finding all my goodies. I found the lamp stands at Kirklands on clearance for $15 each.

I bought the lamp shades for $6 each at Ross!

I found the comforter at TJ Maxx. Lately I've been stuck on lime green and brown so that's what I went with. I got the 8 piece set for only $59!

The best deal was finding my sheets for only $10 at JC Penney-I had a coupon and they were on sale!

I bought the CUTE frilly brown square pillow at Kirklands for $15! Over all, I think I did pretty good with the deals.

I climbed in bed tonight and told Larry I felt like we were at a hotel :)

On a different note-did you get up to watch the Royal Wedding? I did and I cried. I cried more at that than my own... must be hormones! She was just LOVELY. I'm glad I got to watch something so historical!


The Wagner Family said...

The room looks amazing!