How We Told Our Parents...

(I just grabbed this photo off the internet)

My Parents:

At first we wanted to wait and tell our parents when I was 3 months along but my parents were coming in to town on a Friday night and I had my first appointment earlier that day. I thought it would more fun to tell them in person and my doctor said that it would be safe to tell our families but hold out on telling everyone in the church since we live the "fish bowl life". So I mentioned to Larry that since we were getting to tell my parents in person, we should tell his parents first via Skype.

We kept trying all day and could never get a hold of his parents so we ended up telling my parents first that night. We met them at Olive Garden and I had (yes, this is SOOO original-but by that point, I didn't care about being creative anymore :) 2 gift bags. We told them that they were their gifts that Larry had brought back from Guyana for them. So my dad opened his first and it was a little tree thing I don't know what they're really called but it really was from Guyana. Then my mom opened hers and it was a set of baby bibs that said "I love Grandma & Grandpa". We told my brother earlier that day by sending him a picture text of the sonogram saying "Hi uncle Kenny, I'm arriving in October".

Larry's Parents:

The next morning we finally got a hold of Larry's parents just on their cell phone, they were out at football games with the grandkids. We were talking to his mom and she said "Kara, you not blogging as much is causing rumors to fly around here, people are thinking you're pregnant!" We hadn't said a word to them yet but she hit it dead on and I said "well, that's because I am!"

So that's how we told our parents! It's one of the most exciting times in life that you want to share with those closest to you- those who you know will be there no matter what, and that's who we told ourselves... then eventually it started spreading!