I've Lost My Mind!!

Larry did not want to tell anyone this but I think it's kind of funny so I'll share it. Guys seem to forget to get cards for ANY special occasion-or at least Larry does (that's why he didn't want to share this story). At first when we were newly weds, it bothered me so then I just stopped buying cards, then he started remembering :) I shouldn't have been revengeful like that-bad me! So for Valentine's Day I went to the store right before church while he was in a Bible study and picked out a card. I was so taken back with how "cool" it looked, I guess I didn't read it.
So Valentine's Day came and Larry didn't have a card. He told me he wanted to wait and open his when he got me mine....

So I waited.. and waited... and waited...

Until I cleaned our room out this past week, dust bunnies and all and he found the card for me. Saturday we exchanged cards and mine was sooo sweet-his words were just perfect. Then he says to me "ummmm, this is a really cool card but while you were picking it out, did you read it??" I looked at it and this is what it said ON THE FRONT:

"On Valentine's Day for My Wife"

Oh how PATHETIC! I couldn't NOT stop laughing. My excuse-I was pregnant when I picked that card out. I didn't know that I was... but I was. I was so taken back with the beautiful card, I didn't read it LOL!

So I thought that was BAD:

This afternoon I look down and I'm wearing TWO DIFFERENT SHOES!! Now they are both black and flat so that's not AS bad. What in the world Kara!!!? Get it right. I am glad that I only have 13 days left of work... who knows the damage I could do to this place!

I begged Larry today to PLEASE let me just have one dessert a week... he just shaked his head no... I think he knows I'll grow to be a whale if I break my New Year's Resolution. So far I've gained 12 lbs-my appetite has calmed down A LOT and I've felt good enough to start exercising again-walking 2-3 miles and running the steps. I'm sleeping better too! The only thing I've been craving lately is Chipotle (mexican food) and the fact that I have to put salt on EVERYTHING I eat. I don't feel bad about that at all since I know that's not my normal habit and I don't have "sodium" issues either so I'll put the salt on while I like it :)


The Wagner Family said...

That is too funny!! It's called pregnancy brain! And it doesn't always go away after delivery.