The Night We Found Out...

THIS POST WAS WRITTEN THE DAY AFTER I TOOK A TEST: Wow! Who would have ever thought that on Valentines Day you would find out there's a little one growing inside of you?!

I had been feeling "different" but this had happened once before and it wasn't anything-it was all in my head. So this time, I was NOT wanting to find out whether it was true or not. I wanted to wait until the latest possible moment so I would be in the clear of having a false positive test or just miscalculating everything, but I think down deep, I JUST KNEW it was true. Each day I would stare at the calendar on my computer and calculate days over.and over.and over. I had been eating like a horse-NO JOKE. What was I craving? French fries and honey. I love to dip my fries in honey but this time, one of those days it was twice I had two large fries with tons of honey. The other thing I had been craving was pizza. There's a place right around the corner that I'm SURE I'll be visiting quite often the next 7 months! Sunday night, I ate a whole 9-inch pizza myself-and I wasn't even full when I finished that. I NEVER eat that much.

So here's when we found out:

After work we went to grab carry out from Cheesecake Factory and just celebrate Valentine's Day at home and I had mentioned to Larry "maybe I should just go ahead and take a test and get it over with." But who wants to be disappointed on Valentines Day? But he didn't really say anything, I guessed because it was just a "passing comment" or either he was thinking "probably not".

We got home, walked the dogs, and we ate. We then exchanged our gifts and what was my first gift? A box with 3 pregnancies tests..... "oh, I guess that means I gotta take them". But he told me he had gotten them on Friday and wanted to give them to me showing his "support". This cracked me up. Larry's not one that jumps the gun, that gets all excited up front-which is TOTALLY unlike me. So for him to have gone and gotten these, WOW-I must be pregnant. No joke. I thought that.

Reverting back to this past Sunday (the day before we found out). We had a guest speaker in and he spoke from Matthew 20:4, 7 about how one man was hired and agreed to work for a penny and the other was hired but would have a higher wage but they both did the same amount of labor- and how life in general is not fair. He related it to husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, friends and loved ones. How sometimes we see others being blessed and we wonder why we aren't getting what they have. That hit home to me. I have been praying for a child for what seemed to me a long time (not even 4 months) and the Lord said "wait"...everyone else around me was getting pregnant and it just wasn't my turn yet. We had planned for about a year WHEN we would want to have a child and I just had that stuck in my head. Ok Lord, I'll wait for YOUR timing and not mine! I will be ok with the "whatsoever" you have for me in my life. Whether it's not being able to have children at all and watching those around me have them or WHATSOEVER... I will praise you no matter what.

So -back to Valentines Day-I decided to take a test....and we all know how it says to wait for 3 mintues but it doesn't take that long. Sure enough, 30 SECONDS there was a dark line and a faint line. I brought it out and asked Larry if it was real?! He said uummmm yea! I still didn't believe it. I literally googled "positive pregnancy tests" images to make sure (before I had saw it on the box) that the lighter line didn't have to be as dark as the other one. And so of course! It was positive!

Oh. my. Word.... REALLY? I have a little human inside of me (perhaps a little girl LOL)? I've only hoped of this day FOREVER!!! I was on cloud 9 :) We were in the middle of our movie when all this was happening so we finished watching that but I have no clue what it was about. It was the new Robin Hood so it didn't really matter to me. I just kept thinking... no way! no way! no way! For months I have been planning on how we were going to tell our parents, friends and coworkers when this day FINALLY arrived and now I have to wait 2 more months with this secret ready to bust out of me that I can't tell. We decided a while back that we would wait to tell our parents when we were 3 months along... just in case something were to go wrong.

Anyways, I then woke up in the middle of the night having to go to the bathroom (by the way, that's my BIGGEST symptom-wow!) so I decided to take another one. This one both lines were equally dark. Thank you Lord for the little "confirmation!" Let's just say I didn't get much sleep last night! I just was sooooo excited.

So I called today for my first appt. I could not WAIT to make this phone call!! My appt. is on March 11. I am currently 5 weeks and 1 day along. My tentative due date they told me over the phone (which could change when we go in) is October 17. I have always LOVED that month. Because it's when fall is starting and it's feeling crisp outside and we'll have the baby just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas! As you can tell... they're thrilled... HAHAHAHAHA!

Our first ultrasound picture taken on March 11th-I was almost 8 weeks 2nd ultrasound taken on April 7th-12 weeks Updated Info: -Yes I have been SICK-anytime of the day, it hits me. But thankfully my doctor gave me medicine and it's a miracle worker. -I have gained 10-YES 10 lbs. I have been eating EVERYTHING in site but thankfully this past week that has slowed down. -I crave pizza and bread sticks the most right now -I haven't slept through the whole night since before I got pregnant. UGH! I just can't sleep well. -I hope it's a girl... I REALLY hope it's a girl! -I have a pooch but I'm convinced it's from all the fatty foods I've been eating. I will take a picture sometime and post it when there's more there :) -I'm the 8th girl in our church who is currently pregnant. WOW! -This will be #1 grandchild on my side and #20 on Larry's side! I have the BEST and I mean THE BEST doctor in the entire world... I just love her and am thankful to have her as my doctor! We find out June 3rd if it's a boy or a girl and that's when we'll reveal the name we've picked out!


Matt and Emily Sealy said...

Congratulations! Children are such a blessing! And I always love being pregnant! Enjoy being pampered and giving in to your cravings! That's the most fun part! :-)

Ashley said...

OHHHH I am just beyond thrilled for you! I am hoping you have a girl ;)

Misty said...

I will say a silent prayer for a you can make use of your flowers.

Congratulations again!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! How exciting

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know how you kept it a secret for 3 months. I am trying to get pregnant myself and want to know how to hide the obvious symptoms until they subside!!!!!

Kara Wright said...

LOL! Well, get meds from your doctor (Zofran-totally safe) for sickness, that's how I've been able to work and still be ok. That was my worst noticeable symptom-everything else was fairly easy! Luckily the first time I ever got really sick at work was the day after I told everyone :)

Laura Drewry said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are in for such a special blessing!! Children are just little gifts from GOD. Definitely enjoy eating whatever you want, whenever you want! :) That was my favorite part, haha.
I hope you have a wonderful, healthy pregnancy! Have so much FUN!!