So Why Not??

So I thought, why not go ahead and tell the two names we are thinking BEFORE we know if it's a boy or a girl, so here they are!


Justus David Wright


Mariah Leigh Wright

Larry wanted Bible names, I didn't because they are so common so I had to get creative and google Bible names for a girl. I want my kids' names to be different. We settled on the boy's name about 2 years ago and we settled on the girl's name.... today :)

For middle names, we used ours!


Ashley said...

Oh I cant wait to see little Mariah in all of her cute custon flowers ha! ;)

Sara said...

Hey Kara!

i love Justus! Very creative! Mariah is beautiful!

I've been reading your blog for awhile now by way of Lyndsie's blog but just wanted to say congrats on your new little blessing!

So happy 4 u! :) ~ Sara

The Wagner Family said...

Love the names!! Love that they are your middle names too. Can't wait to meet him or her.

Jennifer said...

I'm going back and reading old posts and thought it was so fun that your middle names are David and Leigh. That's the same as Josh's and my middle names! So funny! :)

zulilycoupon said...

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