This Saturday...

A while back we changed the double sliding door closet in the guest bedroom into a single door closet, knocked out a little wall that was in the closet and made it one big walk in closet.

This past week we found out that the bank has "almost" accepted our offer on the townhouse.... but we are not sure we're going to take it. We had to counter offer and go up on the price. There's just so much up in the air right now, we're not sure we're wanting to stay where we are, pay down it down or get this one. Either way, we have to fix the room because this will be the baby's room if we end up staying here! If we rent it out, it needs to be fixed asap. We have a guy coming to stretch our carpet next week and fix the bad spot since bedroom furniture is due to arrive any day now. If we decide to get this other townhouse, we'll not set it up until we move into our new room. So Larry's been working on that today.

And I had an order for 20 of the same flowers from a church who is having their Easter cantata and the ladies in the choir are wanting to wear them as pins. So I threw them together while he was working in the room...

And these girls have just been laying around being silly. Yesterday it was sooo nice outside so we went outside for a while and I'm more than ready for the warm weather :)

Tonight's dinner menu:
Domino's PIZZA

I promise next week I will post picture from our New York trip :)