Not So Fun...

Our weekend wasn't the greatest :( Wednesday I started coming down with what I call the worst cold of my entire life-TOTAL UNDERSTATEMENT.... and since I'm limited with what I can take, what I could take didn't touch my nasty cough. I have to laugh because automatically when you call your dr. office and ask what you can take-they feel so sorry for you since you're pregnant and really, it's ok, God made us to be preggo but I just needed something so I could stop coughing my head off. The funniest part of the phone conversation with the advice nurse was the fact that she said "and don't worry, your water won't break...." ohhh ok, I really didn't even wonder that but thanks! I did manage to squeeze in my hair appt. on Friday and I don't feel so trashy now :)

Dental Work:

Then Friday, Larry had dental work done which went A LOT more extensive than we thought. He ended up with 20-some stitches in his mouth and he looked like a chick-munk. But yesterday he was able to talk again and could teach Sunday school so he's doing a lot better, things are getting back to normal around here. Hopefully he won't catch my nastiness :)

Running Out of Gas:
Saturday night our Sunday school class had a cookout at our friend's house. Well, Larry couldn't open his mouth so I went alone. We had a good time but on the way home... unfortunately I ran out of gas! I have NEVER done that before but with this car, I've never had the gas light come on. So on the way home it came on and I thought I had plenty of time-WRONG! The gas petal just stopped and the steering wheel locked and I freaked out-I was on the highway and this little gas station that was directly off the highway was RIGHT THERE. A normal person shouldn't access it from the highway but I just drove through the grass and got only a foot away from the nozzle reaching my tank. I ran inside and asked the guy if he could come push my car just a bit and he looked at me like I had 4 eyes... but he did and it worked! Then I was on my way.

That was terrible, embarrassing, and kinda funny all at the same time. I'm convinced... the Lord gives us those moments to keep us humble.

I'm humbled :)


So unfortunately, the only picture from the weekend was from the previous post with us taking our last pic with our friends Darren & Amanda last night!


The Vernon's said...

I'm so sorry about your weekend! But I hope you're feeling better and I'm glad you were safe!

I got super sick when I was pregnant too! It's definitely tough.. especially when you can't take the "good stuff". Haha!

I hope you're feeling better, hun!! Congratulations by the way! I am SOOOO excited for you! Oh, are you coming to the reunion?? I hope so! You and your pregnant belly will be sadly missed, if not! (sorry, Larry!)

Love you!