It's Ordered!

Baby Furniture:

I ran into a problem with the store not having my color in the crib I recently posted about. So I started all over with my search. Last week I was online ordering the new set of furniture I picked and they wouldn't ship the changing table to the store for free. They charged me $184 to ship it to my house but they would ship the crib to the store for free. WHAT???? Totally didn't make sense. So I started looking again.... and couldn't find anything I liked. So I stopped looking and we just decided we would go to a furniture store around here, Belfort and look. Well today I was talking to my friend and she told me to call the manager at JC Penney's and ask them to wave the fee. So I tried it and would you believe it! He said they would! So tonight after I get off of work I gotta go in and order it at the store an they'll ship it for free! Then I went online to order the crib and it's $100 cheaper than it was last week!

Now I know why the Lord let me hold off on ordering it last week!

So! Let me show you our little one's furniture:

Bedford Monterey Crib: $279 (lovin' the price)

The color we picked isn't the cherry as shown in the picture, we actually got it in 'chocolate mist' to match the chest.

Bedford Monterey Changing table/dresser: $479 (not so good of price, but it'll do)

Here is the changing table/dresser. I didn't want the hutch (ok I wanted it but I didn't need it) since I'll already have the big chest in there so I'm just getting the dresser. This is the actual color of the furniture!

Two weeks from Friday, we'll find out what the baby is! It'll be so fun calling our families and telling them :)


sarahanne90 said...

Kara, I'm so excited for you to have a baby!! I saw my sister a few weeks ago and mentioned it to her and she was like "aw I didn't know, but I knew they were trying!" I miss you Kara! Hopefully I can get down sometime this summer to visit my sister and see you too!!