So Handsome...

My friend saw this in the store last night. I just adore little stuff like this :)


It's hard to believe I'm 18 weeks along! My changing table gets delivered Thursday and we pick up the crib either tonight or Thursday!


Last night I pulled out my exercise video that I haven't done in about 3 years or more and tried to make it all the way through... that didn't happen. It was just TOO hot in our house. It was 91 degrees yesterday outside and we still have managed to keep the AC turned off. I know it's coming though... the day where it's gotta come on . I thought yesterday I would cave in and ask Larry to turn it on but I didn't.

It really makes it hot when a certain little dogger wants to lay up aginst me when she sleeps. She just loves to lay against my stomach :) So sweet but boy is she in for a rude awakening come October!


After I did the video, I took a shower and laid down and DEFINITELY felt the baby moving a lot! I had felt those movements before but wasn't for sure that's what it was but it just had to be!


I'm def starting to pop out-for the record-I'm proud to say that today I have a XS shirt on from the JUNIOR dept. at Kohls that I bought yesterday-I'm trying to squeeze as much out of it that I can. It BARELY buttons and I'm sure this will be the last time I wear it for a good while. I got in the mail the MOST comfortable maternity jean skirt and I'm wearing that... I could sleep in this thing it's so comfortable. I've been going crazy at buying maternity clothes lately. I'm starting to figure out what style I like and that makes it more fun. Ebay is the BEST for maternity clothes!


Tomorrow is my last day of work AND I CAN'T WAIT!! It's been a good 6 years here at Temple but it's time to be a momma!