And the Answer Is....


Mariah Leigh Wright

We just got back from buying her first outfits. My parents gave me a gift card for Mother's Day to Kohl's and I wanted to wait and use it the day we found out what we were having!

Healthy Little Girl
She's healthy and everything looks great! I go for my regular appt. on Monday. The radiologist looked at me and said "you haven't gained that much weight, all your weight must be going to the baby!" I had a good laugh. That was sweet of her to say that. Luckily I didn't have to weigh in today.

I will have to say it was SO uncomfortable when she was doing the ultrasound. It seemed like it took FOREVER in which it was only about 40 minutes but having to lay there with a full bladder and her constantly pressing down was killing me.

Larry Knew First
Larry knew it was a girl before I did. He could see the screen a lot better from where he was sitting. She didn't tell us until the end that it was a girl which was pure TORTURE.

We are VERY VERY excited and now... let the shopping and decorating begin! We're definitely putting the crib up today!


The Wagner Family said...

Yea!! Can't wait to meet sweet little Mariah. So glad everything looked good and she is healthy.