The Beginnings...

Are We Getting Rid of Our Dogs?
Some people have asked if we are going to get rid of our dogs once the baby comes... NO WAY!!!! That's the biggest reason we have taken the last 4 years (Sierra-2 years) and trained them to be obedient dogs. We train them like we will train our kids (ok, it's a little different) you get the picture. Discipline is hard work but LACK OF DISCIPLINE is exhausting. If you don't discipline/train your dogs/kids, you only make it harder on yourself as the parent/owner. So you can say we've practiced on our dogs although YES I know a child is different in many ways.

I love my dogs and I am NOT going to get rid of them just because we have a kid on the way. It wouldn't be fair to them. But! Others have had to due to other circumstances so I totally understand that! Every family is different.

All Set Up!
We got the baby room set up yesterday. A few weeks back Larry painted it so all we had to do was take out my desk and exercise bike and set up the baby furniture. I didn't want to do any color on the wall so that later when we rent/sell it, it wouldn't be an issue with wild paint colors. I think the color goes PERFECT with the furniture! Next step will be deciding on the colors for decorating. I'm still a little thrown off since I didn't get the black to go with my pink and black but that's ok...I'm sure I'll come up with something for little Mariah!

As you see-the dogs love laying in this room. Every time I take pictures of it, they're in there. I think they know what's coming their way.

I was very pleased with how well the furniture was made. I told Larry if we hadn't gotten our furniture first in our room, I would be VERY jealous of her room!