I'm 20 Weeks!

I'm 20 weeks! Halfway there!!!

Mariah has been moving A LOT these past few days. The radiologist said her head is down and I'm pretty sure it's right on my bladder. That makes it hard to walk my 2 miles without stopping, running inside and having to go to the bathroom...

Most Common Thing Said to Me:
You're that far along?? You don't look big at all!
I know I know... but I'm sure I'll start getting big soon-so I'm enjoying it while I can.

Being Home:
I LOVE being a stay at home soon to be mom :) I enjoy keeping my house clean, working on my tan (yea I know life is rough) and taking the dogs on a long walk every morning.


Anonymous said...

You look lovely!

Ashley said...

Girl you dont even look pregnant... just like you are full from a good dinner ha! You look great!