My 20 Week Appointment

Yesterday I had my 20 week appt. in which Dr. Martin went over all of the pictures from my ultrasound. Unfortunately I have to go back and have another one done. They forgot to measure my cervix and right now I'm considered having a "low lying" one according to my records since they didn't measure. My doctor assured me that that WAS NOT the case but they have to have it on record. The worst case scenario is I would have a C-section if it was low lying but my doctor assured my by looking at the photos, I wouldn't have to have one due to that. Honestly, it doesn't matter, if I do, I do. I'm just thankful Mariah is healthy!

So far I have gained 16 lbs. I think I have stayed around that mark for a while now since I haven't been crazy about food like I was in the beginning. Since I've been off of work I've been able to walk every day and that helps too.

I go back for an ultrasound on July 1 and then go for my next appt. July 8th! She encouraged me to go ahead and register with the hospital to get that out of the way. At this point, I WILL NOT take Lamaze classes. Although I may change my mind down the road, right now I have no interest in taking them.

I did ask her if Mariah's head looked big. Both sides of our families are known for having big heads :) She said no that it was measuring right at 20 weeks!

Here are some pictures from Friday.

Cute little face :)

Her right arm up at her face...

Foot & Heel

One foot behind the other


Jamie Danielle said...

Awwww, it's so exciting.
You're like the 4th or 5th girl on my blog that's pregnant :)

The Wagner Family said...

She's so beautiful!

Do you mean low lying placenta? If so, Tammy had that a couple times and it moved. I'll be praying for that!