It's Only Just Begun...

Hair Piece
This is why I LOVE the fact that I'm having a girl...

She will NOT go out the door without a bow/flower on her head! It's almost a sin if my child ever goes without one:) I never went without one when I was little so the tradition continues!

Found another cute little sundress at Kohl' favorite colors-pink and black. I'm trying to stay on top of making her flowers as I get her outfits since right now I have the time! My mom is going to teach me how to make bows when she's up here. I'm not stuck on just making flowers. I like variety. . . like my wardrobe!

Back from Cancun
We got back in from Cancun late last night. It's always nice being back home but I have to admit-I miss Cancun already...just because I'm having to cook again! UGH!