My First Shopping Trip...

Harris Teeter:
6 boxes of zip lock bags
8 boxes of Ritz Cracker thingers
8 cans of Gillette shaving cream
1 salad kit
8 cans of spinach (money maker)
1 tub of butter (not pictured)
4 bags of frozen rice (not pictured)
Total Saved: $56.00
Total Spent: $3.60

6 bags of beggin strips
Total Spent: .45 cents

Can I say CHA CHING!!!

I'm sooooooooooo glad I'm back into couponing :)

Out for another trip tomorrow morning!

Total spent today: $4.05
Larry's guess at how much I spent: $20!


While My Sailors Aweigh said...

Wow!! Go you!! Any tips or specific websites you use to pin point the deals?? I just can't seem to get started!

Jamie Danielle said...

That's awesome!
How do you do it?

Misty said...

I personally think you should do a post telling us your coupon secrets.