Baby Goodies...

My plans are to come home from having Mariah and within the hour start walking off the baby weight! Ok, not really I know I'll need more recovery time than that but this extra lbs are already killing my feet.

Today we had a yard sale, our friends' community was doing it and asked if we had anything we wanted to get rid of. Well, we hadn't yet hit the attic and that was the last of cleaning out I had to do-thankfully if we ever move, I won't have to clean out. So we pulled everything out of the attic last night and Wow! We had the truck bed FULL of stuff to sale! So we got rid of some stuff, then took the rest over to Goodwill after the yard sale was over. Well the girl next to me had this Reebok jogging stroller and they used it only one time-no lie the thing looks BRAND NEW! So I got it for $40!!! I was so pumped :)

Tonight we picked up this almost new pack-n-play for $50 I found on Craigslist! There's some stuff I don't mind getting off of Craigslist and some stuff I do mind and of course I'm pretty picky with the condition it's in-I look for the new or almost new stuff-I just can't bring myself to buying outdated crusty items...

I'll probably keep this downstairs.


Anonymous said...

What great deals!!!