Turd Head!!

Yesterday morning Larry walks out the door and I come upstairs to get my shoes to walk the dogs. I look in Mariah's room and Sierra had left 2 fresh turds in there. This makes 2 days in a row she has done this. It's our fault, we didn't walk her the night before due to other stuff going on and well...she just couldn't wait.

So I called her upstairs, took her nose and stuck it at it (no, not in it) and told her "NO!" and made her sit by it (which is what we normally do). So Sedona always thinks that she's in trouble when Sierra gets in trouble so she'll sit by the turds like they're her own and go through the punishment with Sierra.

They make me laugh...

So I hope the picture doesn't gross you out...that's why I didn't take it any closer than I did :)

We went and looked at another townhouse today and made an offer...and guess who it's through?? Bank of America! Shocker.

My hopes aren't high, Larry asked me what I wanted to do and I said I didn't care-I'm sort of numb to the whole process by now :) So if we hear anything in the next 7 months, we'll let you know!