The 4th in D.C...

I do have to say that living as close to DC as we do we don't go as often as we should. So this year we decided to brave the traffic and go see the fireworks. We went with some friends and it couldn't have been better!

Kenneth and Stephen both work got for the White House and were able to get us into one of the buildings in DC to go on top and watch the fireworks. There was NO WAY we were going to do the metro so we drove in and parked next to the building we went couldn't have worked out any better. The weather was perfect, the sun stayed in most of the time and traffic after wards wasn't bad at all. We were back home a little after an hour after the fireworks-and considering we live 45 mins away...that was AWESOME timing.

We brought some KFC chicken and watermelon and killed a little time with eating then walking down to the mall area and the White House.

I was so glad my parents got to come for the 4th!

The whole gang!

I hopped up on a couch and couldn't resist taking this picture.

Here's one of Kenneth's offices he works out of.

Us on top of the roof waiting for the fireworks to start... and doing some more eating :)

I didn't climb up there until I had to. For some reason since I've been pregnant I've been SO scared of heights. I've never been like that.

Our PERFECT view...

It was a great 4th of July. I hope you had nice one too!