A Few of My Picks...


Here are a few pictures from my sonogram on Friday. And YES, she's still a GIRL! It was so exciting to have my parents here and get to go in and see her just a moving around on the screen. This is their first grandchild which just makes it EXTRA special for me. We are planning on my parents being at the hospital when she is born since they only live 4.5 hours away-I think they'll be able to make the drive in time of course you never know though all depending on how fast Mariah wants to come.

I asked the tech to print this picture for me. I thought it was so cute seeing her little legs and booty.

I had to have another sonogram done so they could measure my placenta. I was labeled as having a "low lying" placenta by one doctor so they had to have exact measurements. Honestly I didn't think twice about it since MY doctor told me I didn't. And sure enough, everything was fine. I will be able to have a natural birth if everything else goes as planned!

This is my favorite so far seeing her hand up by her face. It won't be too long and I'll see her sweet little face in person!

I do really enjoy being pregnant. I enjoy talking about it, strangers asking me what I'm having, sharing all the fun things about being pregnant with my friends and family-I didn't imagine being preggo was this much fun. I wouldn't change anything-my relationships with my friends and family have been the best one could ever wish for :)

I go Friday for my regular appointment. I feel like every time I turn around, it's time to go again which means only one thing....time is flying by! Larry's gonna go with me since he's off, it's our 5 year anniversary and she's gonna triple confirm that it's a girl :)

So while my parents were here, we went Kohl's and bought Mariah some summer clothes for when we're going to be in FL at Christmas and into Babies R Us to look at a few of the big things I needed to decide on. Here are just a few!

This is the car seat I just fell in love with when I saw it. I decided to go with this type of travel system. It's WAAAAY much easier to put together and break down-especially with the small space we have in the house. I liked this so much better than the huge strollers. We will cross the bridge of getting a different stroller when she grows out of her seat later on. For now, this is just what I want!

This is the glider that I happen to see when I was looking at bedding. It's on sale for $200 (including ottoman) and I just love the woodwork on it. It matches her furniture really well too!

I decided on her bedding-FINALLY. After hours and hours of looking I got so sick of looking my mind couldn't focus anymore. I will reveal that later on :)

Every time I look at Sedona napping, this is what I see... for some reason she likes to stick her tongue out :) It's cute tho!