Couponing, Anniversary, and Sick Monster

The Title sums it all up. I'm a little behind, well, a week behind on posting about our anniversary. Last Friday we celebrated our 5th anniversary :) We decided that instead of getting each other something big, we would go on a big vacation which was the Cancun trip so we kept it very low key. Friday of course Larry was off so we went to Bonefish for dinner, went to Red Velvet Cupcakes and....the bike shop. Larry got stuff at the bike shop (that sport is EXPENSIVE) then on Saturday he told me he wanted to buy me a dress. And this is what he picked out:Add Image

I just fell in love with it. I tried to get our picture taken on Sunday with him wearing his new tie and shirt I gave him but it just didn't happen. Oh well :(

Monday and Tuesdays are my couponing days and here's how I made out this week (last week my parents were in town for the 4th so I didn't make that trip)

I spent more this trip due to no items having overages and the items I spent $ on were totally worth the good deal. I don't have the ice cream and yogurt in the picture but everything else came to around $30! I was still thrilled considering the paper towels were on SALE for $1.97 and I got 33 rolls for FREE. The cokes I got were on sale for $1 and all 22 of them were FREE. Other stuff in the pile was either free or $1 or less (going off my memory here) toilet bowl cleaner was a good deal at $-) so I piled up on that stuff!

My favorite deal was the Gatorade. I don't know how but I only paid around $1.50 for three packs of Gatorade. So total of around $.40 for all 72 bottles of it! Larry drinks this when he's on his bike rides so that came in handy!!

One of my favorite things about couponing getting to send packages to our nieces and nephews!

My SIL Jenny home schools 8 of the 9 of her kids and I got TONS of school supplies for around $2! There's also cat treats in there for my in-laws cat since we ain't got one :)

Hope you enjoy the package Wagner kiddos!!

This little booger has been SO sick the past 2 days. I have no idea what caused it but this morning she seems to be doing better. This happened last year at the same time so I'm at a loss at what it could be. I didn't want to take her to the vet yet knowing last time it cost me $400 and it was just a stomach bug or something. So I stopped by Petsmart yesterday and got just some generic meds and it seems to have helped her so far. I'm praying she's over it. I HATE seeing me dog sick :( Makes me sad.

This past week was just CRAZY busy. But somehow I've managed to walk 3 miles every day and so far-no swollen ankles. July 4th day I was miserable with swelling-you can totally see it in the pictures. So I stopped ALL sodas, upped my H20 intake and been exercising like crazy. Yesterday Larry wanted Five Guys for lunch UGH-so I did 6 miles to make up for it :)

I will take my 25 week photo on Sunday. I won a dress on a blog I read and I'll be wearing it so I'll have to show it off! Last night Mariah was moving so much I thought she was going to come out! We just laid there watching her move. I have no idea what she was doing in there but it was so fun to watch!

Her nursery keeps coming along. I think I have everything in my mind set on decorations. I CAN'T WAIT to show you when it's done. I'm going nuts just thinking of how it's going to turn out.


lovingmylord said...

Hey girl! Your new dress is super adorable! Thank the Lord for guys that like to spoil us rotten! :) You've got to give me some lessons in couponing! I have A LOT to learn before December! Can't wait to see your 25 weeks pic!

The Wagner Family said...

AAAAAAHHHHH! How exciting to scroll down and see that box and read that it is for us!! I KNOW the kids will love it...if I share, that is.:). Thank you!

Laura Drewry said...

Ok, PLEASE share your you do it?!?! That is awesome! And btw I love your new little dress!! ;) Happy Sunday! And please share!!