Let's Stroll...

Originally I had posted about the stroller/car seat combo I had wanted. Then out of the blue, Larry told me he didn't like black for her car seat. HA! What??!! Thanks for finally telling me! He wouldn't have fought it, he told me he knew it wasn't up to him but I do want him to like what we get her. I really didn't have an issue with it-I just began my search for pink or pink/brown car seats.

So I searched and searched and I came across this travel system and ordered it today!

So the next pics are small but you can figure it out... you can stick most car seats in the base...

And you can take the seat it comes with and turn it towards you. The thing I like about this one is after she grows out of the car seat, I have a regular seat to put her as a stroller. I won't have to buy a new stroller which was my issue with the previous system I was going to use!
And here's the car seat I picked out!