25 1/2 weeks :)

I won this dress from a blog I read and it's from Shabby Apple. Cute dresses on their website, I just wouldn't pay their prices!

Sorry this picture is a little tilted. We were running out the door to church tonight when we were taking it.

So I'm 25 1/2 weeks :) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! And I'm
DOWN 2 lbs from last week-even bigger YAAAAAAAAY! I've been working my arms out like crazy since my 23 week post picture. I couldn't take the jiggle arms. As you can see this dress definitely isn't a maternity dress with the band right in the middle of my stomach but oh well.... I still wanted to wear it since it fit.

I want so bad to show you all these pictures of things I've ordered for Mariah's nursery but I want to just wait until it's all together then take pictures. There's one BIG thing I'm doing and if it turns out like it's supposed to, I will be stoked. Sooo, I'll just have to wait on putting up any pics :)


Jennifer said...

You look SO cute!!! I had no idea you were even pregnant until you commented on the tutu giveaway I hosted a few weeks ago! I am so excited for you and I know that sweet girl will have the cutest little flower accessories! :)