Please pray that I pass my sugar test tomorrow...I don't want to have to go back for the 4 hour one and let them stick me multiple times!!!! My doctor says she's not worried at all about me not passing it but she doesn't know how much I LOVE food!

I did a lot of work on the nursery yesterday and today. It's coming right along! Unfortunately Larry told me he wasn't going to hang the crown molding until AFTER his race in September. So I won't post any pictures until that's up and it's 100% complete.

Maybe I can change his mind on that-I really want it up. If not, I'll get over it. Eventually

A couple of weeks ago my stroller came in and I thought I would try to put it together myself while Larry was at work and here it is! I'm really glad I picked this one!


Michelle said...

For your sugar test, just be sure to eat bland food prior to the testing (like eggs and toast - with no jelly and some milk - no orange juice) and you should be fine. And be prepared for Mariah to do somersaults and jumping-jacks after you drink the glucose's SO sugary and makes the babies!(of course, I'm like you and have a sweet tooth, so it didn't taste all that sweet to me...for others I know, it made them!) Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

praying the test goes well! :)