I just found out I passed my glucose test! Yay!

Michelle, you were SO right. When I drank that nasty stuff, I have never felt her move so much. It was making me want to vomit she was moving so much. I guess I got a hyper one in there... no sugar before bedtime for her :)

My appointment went great. I'm starting to go every two weeks now. I'm measuring a week ahead of schedule but I know that really means nothing when it comes down to it. Dr. Martin was amazed at how long my torso is and that's why I'm carrying so low. She's got a lot of room to move around in there and she's not up high which is REALLY good for me!!

I'm going to get some ice cream :) Okay, not really...I gotta go to the grocery store.... our cabinets are EMPTY!

I'm starting to see these in stores and that only means one thing... it's getting closer and closer to Mariah's arrival. Come on October!!