More Thankful...

About a week before we left for camp, Sierra got really sick. This happened a year ago but this time it was much more extensive than before but I was still determined not to take her to the vet. Well, she ended up getting better and I was so glad for the timing since we were leaving for camp the in next week and a half.

Then Sedona got it a week later. I was a lot more worried with her since we were leaving in 4 days. She didn't seem to knock it as fast as Sierra did and hers just seemed worse. Without going into detail, IT WAS NOT NORMAL WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO HER or what happened to Sierra. I stayed off the internet when Sierra was sick because I knew what people would say on there but when Sedona got it, about the third day, I broke down and looked up on the internet what it could be. It could be something really simple as a virus or something really bad like eventually.....DEATH.

Yes, I cried-just once in front of Larry :) He forced it out of me. I didn't want to leave my dog here sick not knowing what was wrong with her. I know they're just dogs, but they're my LIFE as I have said before.

Finally the morning we left Sedona had gotten A LOT better. That made me feel better and honestly, I didn't ask Kenneth the entire week how she was because I just didn't want to know if she was worse... there was nothing I could do about it being 7 hours away. But she ended just having the same thing Sierra did...a stinkin' virus.

I can't tell you how much that made me more thankful for even just my dogs. I know right now the hormones are flying high and anytime I see a dog or some animal, I'm so sympathetic it's pathetic. I enjoy getting to be home with my dogs and that now, finally they can stay out all day instead of pinned up like they were for the past years that I worked.

I LOVE my dogs....