31 Weeks!

I think she hit a growth spurt this past week-WOW :)

I'm finally into the single digits!! 9 Weeks to go (or maybe less :)

My mom sent this picture to me today. This is my dad holding his co-worker's little girl... I have to admit, it made me tear up :)

So I'm sure you've seen all over the news about the earthquake that hit from NC all the way up to NY. I guess it originated somewhere around Richmond here in VA. A lot of people felt it but Larry and I were on our way back from Costco and had no idea. He had come home for lunch and we went out to grab a few things, then he dropped me off and called and asked if I heard about it. I was cracking up at the news reporters. I just have to say I hope no one from Haiti was watching. I mean seriously, after the earthquake they went through, ours was A TOTAL JOKE!! Nobody was killed from it and how many thousands upon thousand were in Haiti. Not to mention the one in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!