I'll Be Back!

This week I started keeping little Jonah who is 2 months old and just trying to get use to things and his schedule. I've been keeping his brother who starts K5 next Tuesday so I'll definitely be back sometime next week. I'm learning lots of things with babies which is GREAT practice for me. The dogs are having to get use to having someone different in the house which is good practice for them as well. Sedona cannot for the life of her figure out what a baby is so we're working at that. She constantly paces around the living room table.... she's a freak, no joke :) If I can, I'll get a video of her doing this.... so crazy.

Yesterday I finally figured out Mariah's hiccups. She's had them several times before but they were SO faint and really low but yesterday was the first time her whole body shook when she hiccuped and I think she was getting a little frustrated and kicked the fool out of me-and Larry said she must have MY personality??! OH WHATEVER! It was cute tho!