NC Trip & Dr. Appt.

I noticed it's been a week since I blogged. Last week me and Sierra took a trip to NC to see my parents. I had planned this about 3 weeks ago since next week I'm starting to keep my friend's baby! It was the only chance I had so we loaded up the Saab and took a trip from Monday-Thursday. We had so much fun! We shopped EVERY DAY which is what I just LOVE to do. I came back with a CAR LOAD of goodies! I had cupcakes twice, ice cream once and peanut butter pie too! I ate some healthy stuff in there too but don't really remember it :) We'll be going back in September for my shower with friends and family and can't wait to see them again! I did miss Larry tho. It was my first time leaving him instead of him leaving me to go on a missions trip!

I had my dr. appt. today. I gain about a 1lb a week which I guess is normal now ?? Who knows what normal is anymore... all I know is my body ain't normal looking LOL! I'm starting to notice some discomfort in my back but I just keep telling myself 10 MORE WEEKS!!! Mariah is laying sideways-head on my left side. At night when I lay on my side her little feet will just kick away. I love feeling it tho. I sure am going to miss feeling her move after I have her! I have felt her since 14 weeks so it'll be so weird not feeling her anymore :(

The best part is I found out my doctor will be on call October and November! So if I go past my due date, she'll still deliver me. I was so excited when I heard that.

I'm hoping to have pictures of the nursery by the end of the week. Don't hold me to it tho... I'm waiting on Larry to build the last thing and well... if it was up to me and I knew what I was doing-I would just do it. I did my part that can be done and he's gotta finish it. It involves using a tool and well, I have no clue how to use tools! So don't hold your breath BUT I'm hoping this week I will have some pics to post.