Today's Dr. Appt.

You can't tell anything from this picture but she's looking at me with her chubby cheeks :)

I had my dr. appt. late this afternoon and my primary physician wasn't in the office so I had to see a new doctor. She was great! She actually did another ultrasound for me. The last one I had was my sonogram so it was neat to get to see her. It wasn't as clear as the past ones since she was lying facing inward but I still go to see her!

The doctor said she's got big cheeks and you could SO see how chubby they were! The good thing is she's moved back into head down position-hopefully for good until she arrives!

I've also lost 2 lbs! I'm back down under 130 which I was excited about. So far my total weight is 24 lbs.

I go back in a little over 3 weeks (Sept. 22) and have my last tests done that's required-I'm guessing I start going every week after that but not sure. I'll then be 35 weeks. So hard to believe!

Yep and Mariah's is STILL a girl :)

I leave you with this picture of Sierra. She loves to rest her head on Mariah.