Coupon Day & Cuteness!

So I'm learning how to coupon with a baby... and then in a couple of months I'll be doing it with two. I have the stroller ready to go-which I got for FREE off of Craigslist. A double snap-n-go! Go me :)

Anyways, Jonah was GREAT today! I went to 3 different stores. The first Bloom I hit I was not Happy at all with the way they acted but anyways, I went to two other ones and it was great. Here's the break down. I didn't do nearly as much as I have in the past but I'm trying to break in having a baby with me and I couldn't have asked for a easier baby to bring with me. I'm just hoping Mariah will be this easy :) I'm already spoiled!

37 rolls of paper towels-
4 bottles of Herbal Essence
2 packs of napkins
20 bottles of cleaner

I even saw my couponing partner in there-she started back teaching this week so I'm on my own even though she is still being a BIG help to me which I am SO grateful for :)

How cute is this center for Mariah's hair flower?


Lindsey said...

Can you give us some lessons on how you do it? Do you use a website to buy the coupons, paper, etc? I want to start with essential things, like what you got today, but I have no idea where to even start!

jennifer said...

Kara, what do you do with all of your bulk! Also do your stores double and triple coups? P.s you are going to make a terrific mommy!

Blake and Andrea said...

Hey Kara! I am dyeing to know how you coupon like that!!! PLease give me any tips!! -Andrea, Veronica's sister!