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I honestly don't know where to begin with blogging about my baby showers... it was SO overwhelming-in a good way-I just don't know where to start. So I'm blogging just a little bit tonight and then as I get the pictures in order, I will blog more. This week has been non-stop busy. After Larry's parents left I went to several stores yesterday and today and did more clothes shopping for Mariah. Then tonight after the football games Larry and I went to the mall and got her more stuff-yes MORE clothes. We have ALL we need but when you find good deals on clothes, it's hard to pass up :)

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is OCTOBER 1!!!! Which means, I could have a baby anytime this month!!! Or it could drag on into the next month :)

This picture was taken before my shower on Monday night at church. Larry went to his softball games while I went and opened all my goodies!

And this is when we brought everything in (actually I see Jonah's carseat so it must have been the next day)

I have to say, this is one of the neatest ideas my friends had for a gift. They bought a bunch of baby books and put them in a basket for me. I was so excited about this gift along with SOOO many others!

Our revival starts this week so I will do what I can with blogging but I'm STILL going through everything and trying to have Mariah's room completely in order in the next few days.

I thought since I haven't done one of these the whole pregnancy, it would be fun to do one now :)

How Far Along:
36 weeks
Size of baby: 18.5 inches/6 lbs (I really don't think she's 6 lbs considering the dr said that's what she'll probably weigh when she's born- just got that off the internet)
Gender: Baby Girl-Mariah Leigh
Maternity Clothes: Oh yea-for the most part. Some normal shirts I still wear
Weight gain: 27 pounds
Belly Button: Still in :)
Movement: Tons although it has slowed down some recently due to lack of space-she likes to stay close to my ribs
Sleep: Great except when I wake up to go to the bathroom 3 times a night
Symptoms: Ligament pains, lower back pains (but definitely bearable, nothing terrible)
Cravings: CARDBOARD!!! I'm not even joking!!!!!!! So weird but I really want to eat cardboard. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of Lowe's. I asked Larry tonight if he needed to go for any reason :)
Best moment this week: Having my baby showers and setting up our hospital tour for October 12th. I'm sooo way late for that but I'm just not on top of things like a first time mom should probably be :) Let's just hope nothing happens before then!

My next dr appt. is this coming Friday and I'll be 37 weeks!!


Jamie Danielle said...

It's so funny how the puppies are looking at all the stuff wondering what's going on!... lol
The little one has received a lot :)

Jeremy Weible said...

You look so cute :) Won't be long now! (Just wanted to mention that often when you crave weird things like cardboard it can be a mineral deficiency (it's called pica). Just make sure if it gets really bad you let your Dr. know.) I love your nursery pics. Can't wait to see your cute girl! :)

Jeremy Weible said...

P.S. That comment was left by Heidi Weible not Jeremy :)