I'm 37 Whopping Weeks!!!!

And I DEFINITELY feel like I'm 37 weeks! The past 3 days I have felt HUGE!!!! But I keep walking my 3 miles:)

Probably the most frustrating part is DROPPING EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight I dropped my Bible during church and it was SO loud and embarrassing. I drop stuff all the time and I'm TIRED OF IT!!

But I can't wait to meet Mariah! I have my 37 week appt. this Friday. I seriously can't believe how fast this has gone.

Our predictions of when she'll come:
Larry: October 17
Mine: October 21


The Wagner Family said...

You look awesome!! So stylish. I'll be glad to borrow some of those cute clothes next time I'm pregnant if you want :).

Kara Wright said...

TAKE EVERY SINGLE ONE OUT OF MY CLOSET!!! I'm ready to be in my normal clothes again... SO ready :) :)

Jamie Danielle said...

Y'alls predictions were off by 3 weeks :D

ttate53787 said...

Well I guess you were both wrong! You only had her because I told you not to have her while I was gone! So what do you do? You have her right when my plane lands in Pensacola! LOL