Nursery Pictures Are Up!

So FINALLY! We have a finished nursery... ready for sweet little Mariah to arrive. I had a lot of fun doing this considering it'll be the only one I go crazy nuts over. I'm sure the next kids' rooms I won't care as much about... or at least that's what I keep telling Larry.

The MOST important thing I wanted in her room was the tree. That was the first thing that went up a couple of months ago. I got it off of Etsy. It was originally $85 but when I received it, it was smaller than what the picture portrayed... so I emailed the company to "complain" and they refunded me $50. So! It only ended up costing me around $35 including shipping. Don't get me wrong, I think the size actually ended up being exactly the right size for the wall, but it was still misleading in the picture. I LOVE THE TREE. It was SO easy to put on too! It took a while but I didn't care, I enjoyed every minute working on it.

Bird Cages-Ross-they came in brown and I spray painted them pink, put ribbon on the top and stuck little birds and nests in there (kinda hard to see that)
Rug-Marshalls (the dogs LOVE laying on this rug for some reason :)

The rocking chair as you remember I got at a thrift shop that I just went nuts over. It worked perfectly in the room. I just laid the comforter from her set over it since I didn't like it on the bed.

The wreath I just kinda accidentally ended up making. I bought just a "twig" wreath just to tie a ribbon on and hang but I had all this pink ribbon and decided to try something and this is how it ended up... I guess not too shabby :)
Chandelier Lamp-Ebay-I bought the lampshades and made the ribbon to go on them
Brown Window Panels-Kirklands (I was CRAZY about these-they have rosettes at the top of them)
Flowers- I used the vase from our wedding to put the flowers in and bought bright pink flowers just to make it pop when you walked in. It's the only thing in the room that's that bright but to me, it' catches the eye and I love that :)

I kinda went with the "chabby chic" look with some things which ended up giving it the look I was wanting.
Chabby Chic Frames-Ebay-her newborn pics will go on these
Bird-Marshalls (I ended up having to paint a lot of my stuff to make it all in the same pink family.

This is a little hard to see with how light the picture is but we made her initial's frame. I bought the letters from some company online and painted them then made the board for them to go on. This was the project that took the longest... meaning a couple of hours but Larry finally broke down and finished it yesterday for me :)

I bought the bow pillow at Kirklands and bought her monogrammed pillow from a lady on Ebay that makes them. I have to say Ebay was my best friend while decorating her room.

I have a mobile to go on her bed but with the way her bed is made, we're having to make a little piece to add to the mobile for it to work on her bed.... who knows when that will happen :)


Jamie Danielle said...

Okay fix my room exactly like that for me please? :)
LOL... It's absolutely adorable!!!!

Tami said...

It's absolutely beautiful. You did a wonderful job and I love all the sweet touches you added to it.

Sarah said...

The Washington Post is having a Kid's Room Design should enter, the room is beautiful!

The Wagner Family said...

I just love it!! If I had the money, I'd hire you!!

MSBABY said...

We are having a nursery design Contest on my website that you should enter! 1st prize is a $500 gift card!

If you have any questions, please email me at
uniquebabygear at

Ashlee Rogers said...

Hello from the mountains of NC! I LOVE Mariah's nursery! It is so beautiful! Please share where you got her bedding.