This Week...

It is funny every time I go out, I get the stare down from women. How is it that I have a belly and a 2 month old baby in a stroller? So if they stare for quite some time, I'll say "he's not mine, I keep him for my friend." I had another lady thinking Jonah was mine and said "so what is he, 4-5 months old??" Well, that still wouldn't be possible with the size belly I have! Come on people!!

I told Larry the other day I wanted to wait until Mariah was 3 before having another kiddo... he said more like after she turns 1! AGH!!!!!!!! But I'm sure everything will change once we actually BECOME PARENTS :)

Some people say our life is over once we have a baby-I understand what they're trying to say but no! It's not over, it's just a new phase of life beginning and our previous days of going somewhere on a wham without diaper bags, strollers, car seats and poopy diapers are gone. That's one of the reasons we chose to wait 5 years before having a child. So that we could get to know and spend time with each other, and establish our own "beliefs" in child raising. I honestly feel like we are "ready" as ready can be for this BIG change in our lives. I'm excited and just glad I only turned 29 yesterday instead of 30 before having my first child.

Friday was my last birthday in my 20's. Not too sure how I feel about it but like Larry said "that's one thing in life you can't do anything about" and he's right! He brings me back to reality on a daily basis LOL So Friday we woke up, Jonah came over, we went to CFA for a late breakfast and he took me shopping. I have been wanting for a long time a BIG WHITE BLINGING watch. Why? I have no clue. I just wanted one. So that's what we set out to get. We went to 5 different stores before finding the one I wanted. Then Larry had football games at church, we went out to dinner with Kenneth and Samantha then came back to his house and watched RIO.

I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. Cute movie :) There were parts of it we just kept rewinding and watching over and over again. When Kenneth and I watch a movie together, we just find the silliest things in it to laugh about that nobody else gets... but that's ok. We're silly "Hurseys"

This week is going to be crazy fun. Softball games Monday night, football games Friday, getting my hair done Thursday, going to my dr appt. on Thursday (gonna see Mariah again... HOPEFULLY) , and Friday after the games we leave for NC for my shower, Larry's parents are driving up from FL, meeting us there and coming back to VA on Saturday with us for my church shower on Monday. PHEW!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy fun times :)

Saturday I decided to get up in the attic and pull down my fall stuff. Larry wasn't home and I knew if I didn't do it then, I wouldn't at all. I haven't decorated for fall in a couple of years that I can remember and well, since I stay at home I thought it would be fun to do. I didn't go out and buy anything new although I wanted to, I just stuck with what I had this year.

I can't WAIT to decorate for Christmas. I really want to get a pink tree and put it in Mariah's room. I'm so glad she'll be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas!