Happy Birthday Mariah!

Mariah's Birth Story:

Friday morning I woke up and my stomach was unusually hard like I was having longer braxton hicks and I didn't feel Mariah moving quite as much but I just thought I would mention it since I had my I had my regular 37 week appt. that morning. Larry almost didn't go with me, he was just going to stay home with Jonah but he decided to go. We got there and I went back for my appt. and Jonah had been upset so Larry just took him out to the car and waited for me to be done. My doctor came in and I told her that the night before I had been having more braxton hicks than usual so she just decided to check me. She told me that normally she wouldn't check me until the next week but since I mentioned that she went ahead. So as she was checking she went on to tell me that normally at this point her moms may be dilated to a 1 but usually walk out with a sad face not being dilated at all. I told her "oh that's fine, I had no plans of being dilated at all" and I hadn't even really thought about it.

So then it all started... she finished and said "well, Kara I take everything back, you are almost a 4!" I said "REALLY??" She said "yes, at this point you're normally at the hospital with an epidural!"So they hooked me up on the monitor to see if I was having contractions and to what degree and they were coming pretty regular but they thought her heart rate had dropped (which it didn't) so they sent me to the hospital for them to monitor it more closely. We stopped by the house, grabbed my hospital bag but I didn't grab everything because I really didn't think this was going to be it. We went to the hospital, met Jonah's dad to hand him over and got settled into a room. They monitored her heart and did a sonogram and everything was great which I knew. In the meantime the doctor came in to check me before sending me home and I was dilated to a 5 and 100% effaced. She said they were keeping me that we would have a baby by midnight! REALITY JUST SET IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!

We called our families, my parents hit the road and 2 hours later the doctor came in to break my water. At this point with being dilated to a 5 I was only feeling MINOR back pain, I was seeing the contractions on the monitor but wasn't having any pain. The doctor kept asking if I wanted a epidural yet and I said "no, I don't feel anything". Honestly, the back pain I was having didn't make me flinch! I had far worse in my first trimester!

After my water was broken, about 10 mins. later I had my first REAL contraction and told Larry that after the next one, go and tell them I wanted the epidural. He went and told them and they said the anesthesiologist was busy somewhere else that they would keep their eye out for him. I started to freak out a little bit but didn't say anything. I only almost passed out once which is a miracle considering I pass out VERY easily with stomach pain anyway. That was a big concern of mine with labor anyways.

So I waited..... and waited.... and waited for that precious epidural. I finally told them he had to get in there that I couldn't take much more. Then the dr. came in and said I could still get it but it would be better for me to go ahead and push if I felt like I needed to. Well, I said I could push and about 15 seconds everybody was in there ready to deliver my little girl! They handed me some oxygen and I started pushing. THEN THE ANESTHESIOLOGIST came in and said "I'm here" I wanted to smack him LOL! UHHHH! Hello, TOO LATE BUDDY I'M PUSHING!!!!

18 minutes later, 8 pushes, our little Mariah Leigh was born at 8:48 pm at 6 lbs. 2 ounces, 19 1/2 inches long (at birth she measured 20 1/2 because she had a cone head from being suctioned out). I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. Larry stayed at my head the entire time and was the BEST supportive husband I could have ever asked for.

What was a normal doctor's appt. turned into getting to hold my little Mariah 3 weeks early and I can't complain about that! I'm so thankful for a safe and fast delivery! I did learn tho to go ahead and ask for the epidural even if I don't feel anything. I was just afraid I would get it too early and it would wear off. Boy was I wrong :)

I told my mom yesterday it seems like we just found out we were having a baby and I blink and she's here. What a responsibility the Lord has given us to raise this little girl to honor, love and serve Him. I have a lot to learn being a mommy but I sure am glad He gave me little Mariah.

Thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers during these last 9 months! I can't wait to do it all over again..... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I can wait :)


Michelle said...

She's BEAUTIFUL, Kara! So happy to hear everyone is healthy! And I'm TOTALLY jealous of your fast labor! (but no so jealous at maybe some of the pain you may have felt...you are one strong Mama to go through all that with NO MEDS) Congrats, again! Growing families are simply wonderful. ;)

Jamie Danielle said...

Awww! Such a sweet little story. Congrats!!! :)

Laura Drewry said...

Congratulations, Kara!! She is just a little doll!! :) So happy for you. Enjoy your little blessing each and every second!! They grow too too fast! Enjoy!!

Jeremy Weible said...

You are my new hero for doing it without drugs (like you had a choice!) :) Thanks for sharing the story with all of us. I enjoy reading your blog...Mariah is precious. You're going to be a wonderful Mom!