Just Nothing Like It...

She just started smiling this week and it ABSOLUTELY MELTS EVERY PIECE OF MY HEART.

There's just nothing like being a mom to a sweet little baby girl.

Things I look forward to:
Going and getting her out of bed in the mornings

Feeding her

Changing her diaper and getting pee'd on ALL the time :)

Picking out her outfit for the day

Rocking her to sleep

Kissing her on her chubby little cheeks

Giving her a bath

And so on it goes...

Happy 6 weeks Mariah Leigh! Every day my love for you grows deeper.

The first few weeks into motherhood I wasn't sure I wanted 3 kids.

Then last night I told Larry I wanted 4. We shall see... just as long as they don't come in multiples :) Last night she only woke up once to eat-I have to say I never thought that could happen this early in her life. I know every night will be different but I was thankful to get more sleep than normal. Tomorrow Larry's going out of town for the day and I'm braving it and going out just Mariah and me to the mall. I think we'll have fun!