Nice Try Mom

To me, having Mariah try new things, wear new clothes, play with new toys is LITERALLY like Christmas every day to me. I'm crazy, I know it and I admit it. So there ya go!

I have been DYING to start Mariah on rice cereal. Why? Just because. That's why. So I thought I would wait and start it after all the chaos of moving and while we were on vacation. That way when we got back and settled in our house, we were good to go with the food dept. for Mariah. Well, since I'm new at all this, I'm really not sure how long it'll take her to get use to the fact that she needs to "chew and swallow". But now, we've got all the time in the world and I'm absolutely loving it.

Living in NOVA and working at Temple our lives were extremely fast paced. But we made it harder on ourselves just because we were always "rushing here and rushing there" and I really don't know why we were??! We have made it a goal to slow down and that's just what we have started doing.... the moment we pulled out of our parking spot for the last time, our lives changed forever.

Time is too short to rush life. I believe we are to cherish the time God has given us. We hurry up and go do this because why?? To hurry up and go do the next thing.

I've gotten asked the question many times "are you going to be able to handle that slow paced life?" My answer is always "yes". For one, God has brought us to Raphine- God will never give us anything we can't handle so I have no fear whatsoever. Another question I get asked "where are you going to shop?" Well! There is a Target and a Kohl's 20 mins away which isn't bad at all... and the rest of the stores...I'll find online hahaha :P No seriously there are stores within driving distance so I'm not worried one bit!

So! This is how I'm starting up blogging regularly again... because I have time, I'm making time to put down all the sweet, precious memories we have as the Wright family!


The Wagner Family said...

love it!

Julie Chappell said...

Kara, thank you for sharing! What a great reminder, to just "slow down!" We feel the same here. Whereas we LOVE where we are, I am looking forward to a slower pace out west. Thanks for the reminder.:)